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A day of panels and talks for business leaders and family offices who have the power and enthusiasm to change the world for the better. 


The London EDITION, London, UK.



Previous event: 16 September 2021.

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2020 and 2021 have provided many decades’ worth of historical events in just 18 months. 

These challenges have tested our individual nations, our economies, our people, our spirits, and our leadership. 

Alea Global’s series of events looks at how we as business leaders – bonded through our great intentions and our valuable experience – can work together to learn the lessons of this trying period. 

By talking about global and national issues in a free, informal and constructive way, we will explore the interests and ambitions of family offices and the expertise of participating organisations. Through this event we aim to gather more than40 family offices from theUK and Europe, with our usual highly rewarding 70:30 split of family offices to service providers. 

Previous Speakers

Mohammad Al Duaij
Alea Global Group

Katie Partridge
Saphira Group

Vishal Harishchandra Kewalramani
Investor, Family Office, LP, Entrepreneur

Patrick Leoni Sceti
LSG Holdings

John Clifford BSc. (Hons)
Conrad Family Office

Leah Zveglich
Aster Impact

Simon Littlewood
SDG Global Group
UK & Hong Kong

Mohamed Badr
Alea Global Group

Per Wimmer
Wimmer Family Office, UK

Gordon R Power
Earth Capital, UK

Sam Nallen Copley
TruVenturo, UK & Germany

Nainish Bapna
Veddis, UK

Marta Albert
QG Family Office, UK

Lior Messika
Eden Block, UK

Lex van Dam
Rinkelberg Capital, UK & Netherlands

Rohit Patni
Lavanya Plus, UK

Taz Sherwani
Wates Group, UK

Gina Fyffe
Estate Holdings, UK & Singapore

Sam Louis
Angel Investment Network

Previous Agenda

09:00 Registration

Registration, Breakfast, Networking and one-on-one meetings. 

10:20 Welcome

Chairman welcome and opening remarks

10:30 Private Equity Present and Future

  • Where in the world offers the most promising private equity investment.
  • US vs UK/Europe vs ROW?
  • Post-pandemic investment trends that will last, and some that might not.
  • VC and PE guidance for 2022.

Moderator: Mohammad Al Duaij, Alea Global Group, Kuwait
Panelists: Sam Louis, Angel Investment Network, UK
Katie Partridge, Saphira Group, UK

11:00 The new international investment landscape

  • How has global and cross-border investing fundamentally changed in the last 18 months?
  • Making the new rules work for you and your business.
  • The most responsible investments to be making right now.
  • Investing at home versus abroad, which is the best thing to do?

Moderator: Mohammad Al Duaij, Alea Global Group, Kuwait
Panelists: Nainish Bapna, Veddis, UK
Rohit Patni, Lavanya Plus, UK
Sam Nallen Copley, TruVenturo, UK & Germany
Per Wimmer, Wimmer Family Office, UK

11:40 Just how resourceful is modern day China?

An interview with Vishal Harishchandra Kewalramani, Investor, Family Office, LP, Entrepreneur, UK.

  • China’s impact on the world so far.
  • Manufacturing in China for essential products needed around the world.
  • A look at how China has been a source of both world problems and their solutions.
  • China’s relationship with the US, UK & Europe and how it has changed recently.

12:00 Networking Break

Midday networking coffee break.

12:30 Roundtable Discussions

Real Estate in a post-Covid world

Hosted by Patrick Leoni Sceti, LSG Holdings, UK.

Sustainable investments

Hosted by Gordon R Power, Earth Capital, UK.

Education – a business, an ideology, and a social good

Hosted by Nicky Sakpoba, Panoba, UK.

13:30 Networking Lunch hosted by Panoba

A chance to meet and discuss the morning’s sessions over lunch.

14:30 Urgent Action for Long-Term Success

  • How family offices can navigate the still existing crisis and its aftermath.
  • Key factors to
    minimise your losses and get back on track for long-term prosperity.
  • Cutting your losses: which investments, regions and sectors to put on pause right now.
  • Emerging opportunities: how to make the most of new information for some new and
    unexpected investments.
  • Recalibrating for the future: plotting a return to your ultimate goals, despite this sudden
  • Playing a new role: how family offices can work together for the benefit of all, protecting
    people from the fall-out of this difficult time. 

Moderator: Mohammad Al Duaij, Alea Global Group, Kuwait
Panelists: Taz Sherwani, Wates Group, UK
Marta Albert, QG Family Office, UK
Lior Messika, Eden Block, UK

15:10 Rethinking the supply chain

An interview with Gina Fyffe, Estate Holdings, UK & Singapore.

  • What weaknesses have been exposed in international supply chains?
  • The nations who thrived and those who struggled when crisis hit.
  • Bringing every nation up to speed on self-sufficiency.
  • New opportunities for investment and growth.

15:30 Are we post-political yet?

An interaction session with audience moderated by Mohammad Al Duaij, Alea Global Group, Kuwait.

  • The geopolitics of an invisible crisis.
  • Where each nation points the blame, and how we can urge collaboration.
  • Taking collective responsibility for collective survival.
  • How business can step up when leadership fails.

16:00 Closing remarks for the event

Closing remarks For the event.

16:05 Cocktail Reception hosted by Aster Eco-Village

A Cocktail reception with the chance to network in an informal setting and discuss the event.

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