Liberate the Mediterranean

A day of panels and talks for business leaders and family offices who want to help the region to thrive after lockdown.


Monaco, Europe.


22 September 2020.


Few areas around the world have been harder hit by recent events than the Mediterranean.

With famously long lifespans, the region has seen a huge number of elderly people suffer.

Our reliance on tourism means the travel industry  restrictions have us hit hard.

Meanwhile, much of our care has been bought in from outside the region.

The net loss for the Mediterranean has been huge. But now there is a great opportunity. We have seen the weaknesses of our region’s supply chain, industry, economy and healthcare in one single event, and we have the information and expertise to fix it.

As family offices with our collective knowledge and influence from the world of business, we invite you to be part of a revolutionary day of discussion aimed at liberating the Mediterranean.

Through panels, talks and informal networking, we will find solutions to make the region self-sufficient and well prepared to look after its people, and bringing prosperity in the wake of a crisis.

Participating businesses will be able to come out of lockdown and go directly into talks with a room full of potential investors, interested in how some key products and services can help.

The Agenda

08:00 Registration 

Registration, breakfast and networking and one-on-one meetings.

08:45 Welcome

Welcome and opening remarks.

09:00 The Mediterranean – Cultural Melting Pot & Economic Hotspot

  • 1 sea, 21 countries – the who’s who of the Mediterranean.
  • Opportunities for family businesses in neighboring countries.
  • The region’s challenges.

09:30 Northern Africa vs. Southern Europe – A Comparison

  • What can we learn from each other?
  • Manufacturing & trade – who is better equipped?
  • Agriculture 

09:50 Healthcare In The 21st Century 

  • Who drives innovation?
  • Philanthropy vs business.
  • The secret of a long and healthy life.

10:20 Global Crisis Management

  • Pandemics, terror, climate change.
  • Can investors prepare for the unforeseen?
  • Risk analyses done right.

10:40 Networking Break

A chance to meet and discuss the morning’s event.

11:10 Deal Sourcing & Direct Investment

  • How to attract relevant deals.
  • What to consider when exploring new industries.
  • Who to ask for help with due diligence?

11:40 Rare Coins – A Family Shares Their Success Story

  • Why rate coins?
  • The advantage over gold.
  • Rare coins vs. art.

11:55 Real Estate

  • Where are the next bubbles looming?
  • The Eastern Mediterranean – risks & opportunities.
  • From Egypt to Morocco – tourism & population growth in Northern Africa.

12:25 Networking Lunch

A chance to meet and discuss the morning’s event over lunch. 

13:45 Round Table Sessions

With peer learning and interaction in mind, these breakout sessions are designed to promote the sharing of experiences and brainstorming of ideas in facilitated and balanced discussions.

14:45 Stock Market Crashes

  • How to keep a cool head.
  • When to sell and when to “sit it out”.
  • Growing irrationality of the markets.

15:15 Compliance in Family Offices

  • How to navigate regulatory requirements.
  • Inhouse compliance vs. external consultation.
  • Different hurdles for single and multi-family offices.

15:30 Networking Break

Afternoon networking coffee break.

16:00 Wealth & Mental Health

  • When wealth becomes a burden.
  • How to handle pressure, stress & expectations.
  • Addiction & substance abuse.

16:30 Family Businesses and the Next Gen Problem

  • How to get them interested in the family business.
  • The art of “letting go”.
  • Talking about succession planning.

17:00 Closing remarks

Closing remarks For the event.

17:05 Cocktail reception

A Cocktail reception with the chance to network in an informal setting and discuss the event.


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